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BBQ Buddha’s Kettle Q Review and Quesadillas

Kettle-Q Shrimp Quesadillas     By: The BBQ Buddha Working with The Big Green Brotherhood has its perks. Not only do I get to cook, take pictures, and write about what I love with fellow Eggheads but I get to try […]

Little Griddle Kettle Q Review

Review of the Kettle Q by Little Griddle By: Title Town Egger A few of the members of the Big Green Brotherhood were able to get their hands on the Kettle Q by Little Griddle and give it a thorough […]

FOGO Charcoal Review

FOGO Charcoal Review By: Ryan Hearn Fogo Super Premium All Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal 35 lb. bag Ordered from (now          I bought my first bag of Fogo Super Premium in early 2016.  Everyone online […]

Ancho Espresso Turkey Sausage Gravy

Ancho Espresso Turkey Sausage Gravy By: Title Town EggerThis quick and easy recipe was perfect for biscuits and gravy on a Sunday morning.  I thought Lane’s BBQ Ancho Espresso rub would be the perfect fit to give it a “red eye” gravy fell.  Let […]

Spicy Grilled Meatballs

Spicy Grilled Meatballs By: JP’s Smokin Meat Shack Like many, this little adventure began in my freezer. Rummaging through it, looking for something to grill, I came across a package of ground chorizo sausage. Next, some lean ground turkey. My […]

Kalbi Korean BBQ

Kalbi Korean BBQ By: The BBQ Buddha Some of you know I have two wonderful children (Jessica & Zachary). Their mother is Korean and as the kids were growing up I developed quite an affinity for Korean food. As a […]