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Curry Brined Chicken

Curry Brined Chicken By: The BBQ Buddha My journey in to brining continues with this delicious recipe. I have seen people soak their chicken in buttermilk before and wanted to try this technique out for myself. With the success of my […]

Thanksgiving Spatchcock Turkey

Thanksgiving Spatchcock Turkey By: Title Town EggerIts that time of year again, family, football, food and black Friday shopping.  We all know that the star of the show is the that turkey.  There are many different ways to cook your bird, you can cook it […]

Grilled Zucchini Pizzas

So I’m always looking for something to do with all the fresh produce coming from our garden. I have done all sorts of zucchini and squash “boats” over the years, stuffed with everything from their own innards to my smoked […]

Cast Iron Deep Dish Pizza

  Cast Iron Deep Dish Pizza By: Title Town EggerThis recipe started when I had a hankering for some grilled pizza, but cracked my pizza stone a month ago.  I have a fairly large selection cast iron skillets, and I knew […]

Ancho Expresso Beef Ribs

Ancho Expresso Beef Ribs By: The BBQ Buddha Recently, I have noticed quite a few people who I follow on Instagram posting about a new line of BBQ Rub’s from Lane’s BBQ in Bethlehem, GA. The pictures caught my attention and […]

Stout Sriracha Marinated Rib Eye

Stout Sriracha Marinated Rib Eye By: The BBQ Buddha This week I planned to cook a steak and try something new. I had a Rogue Sriracha Hot Stout Beer in my refrigerator and it was begging to be used in a […]