Smokeware Lifter Review

Smokeware Lifter Review

By: NPHuskerFL

So you want to cook on your kamado indirect?  Reverse sear, pizza, baking and others are just some of the possibilities of indirect. Whether you call it a Plate Setter (like I do) or a convEggtor or just a deflection stone is irrelevant. You need something to block the direct radiant heat to go indirect.

You light your fire and let it get established. Now you need to add the Plate Setter to the fire ring. Not so fast that inferno won’t be kind to your digits.  For years I’ve used gloves (rated for over 900℉) but, for this experiment and review I’m using Smokeware’s “The Lifter”. 


The Lifter is meaty with a powder coated black exterior and a strong coil handle that would seem to allow for less heat transfer to the end user’s hand. With the coiled handle, your hands do not actually come in contact with the same metal material that touches the hot plate setter.  This feature seems simple enough, but is extremely useful, and important in protecting your hands.  The other thing that jumps out in regards to the material is the actual weight of it.  This feels substantial and makes you feel like you can trust it to hold the weight of your plate setter.

Let’s do this!  I decided to go with baking and my desired temp was 450℉-500℉ using Rockwood Lump Charcoal for fuel and lit with a MAPP torch and ALWAYS safety glasses. After I saw my dome temp spike to 700℉ I decided I’d add the Plate Setter using The Lifter. I opted to do this sans gloves (I don’t have tender hands).  It was hot but, not overwhelming.  Lifting was simple, secure, quick and The Lifter was easy to remove once the Plate Setter was set.

Even more importantly the Lifter allows you to lift a hot plate setter out of your egg safely and easily.  Simply slide the lifter around your plate setter and lift.  Easy enough right?  This makes it incredibly easy to switch from indirect to direct, or give you an easy way to add more charcoal or wood chunks on a long day of smoking.  It goes without saying, but do not tilt you lifter away from you otherwise the plate setter could slide out of the Lifter, and well that could be problematic.

Overall, this is a product that I can really get behind and I see myself using it often.  The Lifter is yet another quality product made by Smokeware.