Initial Thoughts on the Egg

Initial Thoughts on The Egg

By: Old Mission Smoke

Now that I’ve been cooking on this grill now for a little over month I have some thoughts on how things are going. I would say that I love the way it looks, I love how easily it starts, I think it is very easy to control. At first I had some trouble controlling the temps. While the grill is very easy to hold a temp, it NOT VERY EASY to get it to cool off. The trick for me has been to start SLOWLY. As long as I get it up to temp and then holding at the desired stopping point I am good. The first two weeks or so I ruined many things. Way too smokey, way too dry, way to ugly. Lots of swear words.

With the first month in the history book I am happy to say that I am dialed in. Now I need to focus on creativity and really learning the finer points of cooking on the BGE. As long as the temp is right just about everything tastes fantastic with a little smoke running through it while cooking. I’ve really enjoyed tossing a handful of dry cherry chips or large hickory hunks into the pit before I put on the food. Not even to really smoke things but rather to just enhance the flavor. I’ve roasted asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, and beets on it. These roasted veggies are amazing.

I believe the BGE is going to help me become a better outdoor cook. It is going to bring out some creativity that I hope is going to amaze my family and friends. I have always loved to grill. As a naturally distracted person this grill forces me to become focused on what I am doing. It is an event every time I fire it up. I hope my neighbors enjoy the smell of wood fire several nights a week. As the newest BGE owner on this site I promise to become a better cook and to share my experiences along the way as I grow. Hopefully I show some great success, I will no doubt highlight what not to do.


Here’s to feeling good all the time!