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Eggtober Fest 2016

Eggtober Fest 2016: Team Eggcellent Eats  By: Grill Momma You know it’s funny.  Most of us meet new people every day in our personal or professional lives.  We all have different circles of friends, whether it be though where you […]

Jess Pryles: THE Hardcore Carnivore

Jess Pryles: THE Hardcore Carnivore By: Title Town Egger I was able to correspond with the Hardcore Carnivore herself, Ms. Jess Pryles. I was able to ask her about her new seasoning BLACK, how she became the quintessential Hardcore Carnivore, and about all […]

Sourdough Starter How To

Sourdough Starter How To By:  NPHuskerFL This may possibly be the easiest thing you’ll do. But, be warned once you start making bread and baking there is no returning from the dark side. 🙂 You will need:      *Water. Tap […]

Anatomy of a Smoke Ring

Anatomy of a Smoke Ring By: Title Town EggerWhen you think of barbecue, most of us envision a nice piece if brisket, with a beautiful pink ring around the outside.  We assoicate this with smoke and giving the meat that […]

Reverse Searing Thick Steaks

Reverse Searing Thick Steaks By: Old Mission Smoke This weekend I tried a new technique for me with some big, beautiful steaks. Our local butcher had two American Wagyu Tomahawk Ribeye steaks. Each of these suckers weighed in at just […]

Initial Thoughts on the Egg

Initial Thoughts on The Egg By: Old Mission Smoke Now that I’ve been cooking on this grill now for a little over month I have some thoughts on how things are going. I would say that I love the way […]