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Unicoi Preserves Brotherhood Challenge

Unicoi Preserves Brotherhood Challenge This edition of the Brotherhood Chopped Challenge featured Unicoi Preserves and their Apple Cider Pepper Spread.  This sweet and tangy spread pears very will with a variety of proteins, so we left the protein out of […]

Blind Grilling Flame Boss 300 Review

Flame Boss 300 Review By: Blind Grilling Which controller is the best?  From forums to social media groups, this question has been debated with seemingly only one advantage for the competitor’s product: multiple meat probes.  For some, the ease of […]

A Frame Hot Sauce Brotherhood Challenge

A Frame Hot Sauce Brotherhood Challenge As a collective group we were able to get our hands on a hot sauce called “A Frame” hot sauce.  A sauce that was created by surfers in Florida who were tired of the same […]

Flame Boss 200 Review

Flame Boss 200 Review By: The BBQ Buddha I have added a new toy to my cooking setup that is so amazing I am typing as fast as I can to share it with you.  The Flame Boss 200 is […]

Primal Stone Review

Primal Stone Review By: Grill Momma I recently had an opportunity to try out the new Primal Stone which is a new take on an old concept.  When we think about what our ancient ancestors had to cook on, it […]

Shun Classic Nakiri Review

Shun Classic Nakiri Review By: Title Town Egger Let me be clear as I start this review, I am not a professional Chef or knife expert.  I am but a humble home cook that likes sharp and pretty things.  This […]